My son Armando (15 yrs old) is a gymnast and he has worked with Ronny for nearly 10 years. For Armando, gymnastics (and working with Ronny) is more than just about “sports”. Gymnastics and training with Ronny have taught Armando to focus his energy and develop the emotional composure that he needs to succeed in life. That composure was really tested in December of 2016 when Armando broke both of his arms at gymnastics practice (1 week before competition season). Once we got him comfortable in the ER, I knew his arms would heal but what would we do if he couldn’t return to gymnastics?! Ronny was right there by Armando’s side in the ER and immediately reassured Armando, me and my husband that he had a plan to get Armando mentally and physically ready to return to gymnastics. Once Armando was cleared by the doctors, Ronny began aggressive rehab to maintain and then rebuild Armando’s physical strength while providing him with constant motivation and encouragement to reach his goals. Within 6 months he was fully back to regular gymnastics workouts and he competed in his first meet in December of 2017 (better and stronger than ever). Ronny’s training skills are excellent but it’s his ability to connect with each individual and motivate them to reach the best version of themselves that really sets him apart from all the rest!

Nicole Visitacion, PharmD

My name is Dyana Spellman, and I have an 11-year-old son named Troy. Troy has a passion for life, and for sports as well. Troy’s Father passed away at the beginning of his kindergarten year when he was 6 years old and was in the middle of the fall season of t-ball.
Obviously, this was a difficult time for a young boy that was attached to his dad’s hip. Troy has several Uncles that surely love him, but haven’t been too available since his dad’s passing. I have kept up with all the sports he loves and has done my best to make sure he is at his best.
With all of that, I knew there was something Troy was lacking. In the beginning I really just thought that Troy needed a push and some guidance to grow within the sports he loves ie; baseball and football mostly.
I have known Ronny Camacho for years as a trainer and as a positive influence to many. Again, I was looking for someone to help Troy get faster, stronger etc. One day, I pulled Ronny aside at the gym and said “hey, would you maybe have some time to work my son? I said it’s become difficult for me as he is growing up and my knowledge in helping succeed in the sports he loves is limited” Ronny immediately in his mind and out loud began sculpting a plan. I was still only thinking of how cool it will be to get Troy stronger and faster etc.
Troy began working with Ronny Sr. and Ronny Jr. at a local park. The VERY 1st day they worked with Troy his face changed. What I mean by that is when Troy completed his 1st workout he was pumped inside and out and could see how he could grow already!!! The whole drive home Troy wouldn’t stop talking about all the things his coaches had shared with him and the confidence they had in him ALREADY! The next few sessions Troy transformed even more!!
At this time I realized what Troy needed more than a trainer was that he needed and craved a “mentor”!! From day one Ronny Sr. and Ronny Jr. understood Troy and his needs. Troy feels so absolutely confident, achieved, cared for and as a part of their incredibly loving family. For a kid who lost his father and connected with him through sports, I really had no idea what he was missing until Ronny came into his life. My son actually sees his future and believes with hard work, focus and dedication he can be whatever he sets his mind to!
I literally send Ronny a text after every training session saying how I can’t believe in such a short time the strides that Troy has made. I watch them train sometimes and seeing how Ronny is 100% focused on MY son and nothing else is priceless, the love that shines through is priceless, the dedication and confidence he is instilling in my son is PRICELESS!
I really just wanted to share my story, and I really hope other people young or older may have the opportunity to work with a pair like Ronny Sr and Ronny Jr. There is SO much more I could say and I can speak on their behalf for endless hours.
Thank you to you both for giving your heart to others and sharing the amazing knowledge that you have. I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of TEAM CAMACHO!!!

Dyana and Troy Spellman
Our family met Ronny Camacho approximately 6 years ago at Victory Gymnastics Academy, in Newbury Park. Ronny was an amazing coach, mentor, and positive role model for our girls. Our girls, Kaylee and Ashley, were both enrolled as gymnasts at Victory. Kaylee and Ashley had the honor and privilege to have Ronny teach them to be outstanding and very confident athletes at a very young age. Ronny taught them to love the conditioning training. He educated the kids about the training and he made it fun and exciting for them. Through Ronny’s training, our daughters’ gymnastics skills consistently increased. Both our girls couldn’t wait to get to gymnastics so they could train with Coach Ronny. Our girls always felt they could go to Ronny if they needed help with anything. To this day, both our daughters still talk about how amazing Coach Ronny is and that they would love to train with him again. Ronny is an amazing coach and person. We as parents feel that Ronny helped our daughters to become the athletes and people they are today. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort he put towards our kids and the other athletes.
I remember an incident when our head coach walked out on our daughter and her teammates during a gymnastics meet. The girls were upset and confused when this head coach told them he was quitting. Ronny went above and beyond his duties and filled the void as Head Coach and finished off the meet with our girl’s team. He was able to make our daughter and the other girls feel safe and convince them that this was not their fault. Our girls always felt safe and happy when they knew Coach Ronny would be working at Victory Gymnastics.
Mike and Becky Brown
My name is Alexa Solomon and I am a 16-year-old level 10 JO gymnast. Ronny Camacho has been a tremendous part of my journey from the beginning.
The sport of gymnastics is a very challenging sport both mentally and physically. Ronny has devoted his time to understand my goals, dreams, and aspirations, and has been incredibly dedicated to my success and always finding ways to support me. He is an amazing mentor and has a unique insight and tremendous ability to inspire and encourage! He looks at the whole picture, and is a constant reminder of leading by example!
I have gone through some tough years and Ronny has made a profound difference in my life! When I am having one of those days, he is the first person I call. He is ALWAYS available to me! He is so positive and his seemingly “You can do this and never give up” enthusiasm and generous spirit is an invaluable example of the person he is. An athlete’s mental toughness is just as important as the physical! He knows when to nurture and when to give me tough love! He puts everything in perspective for me.
I am so thankful that Ronny is a part of my life. He is family! He is an amazing strength training coach, mentor, and such an amazing force to assist me in reaching my highest potential! I owe all of my success to him. As a result, I am so excited to announce that I am verbally committed to San Jose State University for the fall of 2019. Everything that I have learned from Ronny will be a driving force in the years to come!
Mike and Lissa Solomon

I am writing this letter with regards to Ronny Camacho. I am a mother of four children and a practicing pediatrician. Ronny coached my two boys Thomas “TJ” and Brandon Bzoskie in boys gymnastics for five years at Victory Gymnastics. Ronny has contributed a tremendous amount to my boy’s gymnastics and has had a very positive influence on my children’s lives. My son TJ is now in his third year at UC Berkeley and Brandon is a sophomore at Westlake High School. TJ competed for the men’s gymnastics team at UC Berkeley and qualified for the 2013 NCAA Championships.
In 2010 TJ had a staph infection in his hip that spread throughout his body. He went into toxic shock and was hospitalized for two weeks. After many surgical procedures and a 20-pound weight loss, the surgeon was skeptical if TJ would return to gymnastics due to the destruction of his hip. He came out of the hospital in a wheelchair, unable to walk with a central line. He received IV antibiotics for one month at home. TJ was very agitated, depressed and frightened that he would not be able to return to his passion gymnastics. He was a sophomore in High School, a critical year for men’s gymnastics.
Ronny took TJ under his wing and trained with him daily on his own time. When TJ started with Ronny all he could do was walk up to the pommel horse and touch it with his hand. Ronny taught him to fight for what he wanted and not give in to his fears and doubts. It was frustrating for TJ but Ronny never gave up on him and would not let TJ give up on himself. I will never forget those meets and training sessions where he would take TJ’s head in his hands and look him in the eye speaking his words of wisdom. Without the physical and mental training of Ronny TJ would not have made it as far as he has.
Brandon also benefited tremendously from Ronny. He won Regionals at level 6 with Ronny at his side. He taught Brandon how to focus and work hard but always showed a loving, caring side. My kids wanted to make him proud.
My four children have all been in competitive sports and Ronny is one of the best coaches that we have had. Ronny shows that he cares about all of his student’s physical and emotional health. He is a kind and generous man and has never been physically or emotionally abusive to his students. As a pediatrician and as a mother I highly recommend him as a coach. My kids have been champions because of his dedication and we will forever be grateful to him.

Lisanne Sims Bzoskie MD

Ronny Camacho coached our 10yr old son 12-16 hours per week for over a year. During that time we saw our son’s improvement not only in athletic skill, which was substantial however we saw his self-confidence and character develop under Ronny’s coaching. We trusted Ronny to spend more hours with our son than any other adult. Ronny is consistent and detailed as a coach, he pairs a deep understanding of each athlete with his athletic knowledge to help each athlete achieve their best. Our son deals with fear and Ronny was able to push him when needed and help him trust himself to achieve each new skill presented. As we would watch our son practice we saw that Ronny always expected the best of him and if our son wasn’t giving his best effort Ronny knew and he cared. He would consistently push James for his best effort. Our son learned to work hard, be respectful of himself and others, to look people in the eye and never offer excuses. This poured over into the rest of his life. James knew that Ronny expected to respect and so he gave it. Ronny always balanced discipline and affection, never leaving a child feeling bad about himself or his effort, he is tough and fair. Our son became stronger than we believed possible through Ronny’s conditioning sessions which were creative and consistent. It is easy to find coaches but it is extremely rare to find coaches who understand the mental aspect of each athlete, who understand the physical requirements of a sport and who also care deeply about each athlete’s success. Those are the traits you will find in Ronny Camacho.
Our son went from scoring at the bottom of each meeting to qualifying for regionals and scoring in the top 30 as well as receiving the 4th place on floor at regionals.
Karen Gamboa

My family has been very fortunate in that we have had the opportunity to work with Coach Camacho in a variety of ways over the past several years. We have three boys who each have different athletic passions and abilities. All three have greatly benefited from working with Coach Camacho. He has been a positive influence in not just their athletic endeavors but also in their growth as young men. All three look to him as an example of what a man should be and love him very much. I’m proud to say that our families will always be close due wonderful influence he has had and continues to have on our boys.
Coach Camacho brings to his training a rare combination of real caring for his students along with strong discipline and accountability for 100% effort. Because his students know how much he cares for them and that he will always support them, they are able to respond to and buy into his teaching and motivation. He has great insight and feeling for when to push an athlete further than they think they can go and when to pull back and provide comfort and encouragement.
Coach Camacho also possesses all of the technical knowledge that enables him to provide quality instruction to athletes in a variety of athletic areas. Whether it be gymnastics or speed and strength training for any sport, Coach Camacho is able to help athletes maximize their full potential.
I would highly recommend Coach Camacho for any family looking to provide their children with complete physical, mental and emotional development.

Bryan Nuesca

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart as today we celebrate one of my daughter’s favorite coaches. She has been training with Ronny Camacho for the past two and a half years and he will be missed tremendously. With his guidance, she has developed in so many ways. Ronny spent every Sunday morning for the past summer working with her as a personal trainer and helping her to achieve goals that she had set for herself. He taught her to run properly and how to condition in a way that would keep her safe. She is a 13-year-old girl who made the choice to get up at 8 am every Sunday to do extra training with Ronny because he helped her. Not many teenagers would want to train that early on a weekend but she LOVES Ronny and never complained once. He made her fun while pushing her to be her best. We love the motto that he once shared that you have to hammer and then hug. He knows when to push and when to just hug and encourage the kids. So often finding this balance is what is a missing coach.
Not Ronny he has it mastered.
In addition when our son broke his leg last year Ronny was always encouraging him that he would be back on his game. He always took time to check on him and we he recovered he worked with him to get him back in shape for football. We are hoping to have the opportunity to continue to have him work with Ronny in the offseason next year.
The people to have the opportunity to train and work under Mr. Camacho’s guidance are blessed as he is a warm, caring and talented trainer. Ronny, we wish you the best in all you do and will miss you.

Katina Walia

Ronny Camacho is not your typical personal trainer. He has a unique talent in designing an individualized training program to support the development of athletes in their sports of choice while strengthening their self-confidence and supporting their mental stamina along the way.
As parents of a 12-year old daughter, Alexandra, we were extremely fortunate to find Ronny. Alexandra has been a competitive equestrian since she was 8 years old. Without knowing anything about equestrian sports, Ronny gained the necessary knowledge to develop a specific program that benefited her as a whole person; physically, mentally and emotionally. At an age where most young females are still learning to adjust to the everyday changes that life throws at them, Ronny has used a gentle but firm approach to get the most out of our daughter’s abilities. He knew what she needed to be physically strong to control 1500 pounds of animal and to be mentally strong as well to compete against more experienced and older riders. His incredible positive attitude is contagious and a welcome sight to see during each and every training session. We love the results so far and we cannot wait to see what happens in the next few years, with Ronny as her life coach, helping guide the way for her success.

Alexandria Farfaras

In my twenty years as an educator I have had the privilege to write dozens of letters of recommendation and character evaluations for my students, esteemed colleagues, and close friends. Each person I have ever agreed to write for has been an outstanding citizen, role model, and a leader by example. At no time have I ever felt the tremendous honor that I feel now, writing this letter for my friend, Ronny Camacho.
Coach Ronny, as he is most widely known among the youth in the community, is an example of integrity, courage, and commitment, in their most truest forms. My son, Miller and I met Ronny about 5 years ago when my son fell in love with gymnastics. It wasn’t the sport itself as much as the strength and abilities displayed by the athletes and the commanding presence of their then head coach, Ronny Camacho. Miller and I were captivated by the atmosphere in that gym, watching every gymnast moved succinctly through routines and the team, led by Ronny, operating as a fine oiled machine. It was then that my son committed to gymnastics, quitting all other outside activities. He wanted nothing more than to make team and be trained by Coach Ronny.
Within a year and a half Miller had made team but Ronny had already transitioned himself into private coaching and was no longer in the gym training as often. By this time however, Ronny had built a rapport with my son, deeply rooted in trust. The strength of this binding trust was later held to the test as my son experienced great loss in our divorce. He desperately needed mentoring, someone to lead him from the front. A positive male role model who would hold him accountable while “having his back.” When Miller was in his darkest times emotionally, it was Ronny he asked to see. Each and every time I reached out, Ronny responded immediately with an emphatic, “Bring him to my gym. I got him!”
For the last 3 years, Miller has been training with Ronny once a week, in addition to his high school athletic schedule. He goes from football, water polo, track or wrestling practice every week to train with Ronny. The effort to see Ronny isn’t because he “needs” the extra work physically. His body is often exhausted and fatigued. He willingly seeks Ronny out because of the mentoring he receives, the confidence he feels when confiding in Ronny as he trains, the bond of brotherhood. He knows Ronny “has his back” every single time.
Recently Miller was chosen and had the opportunity to participate in a peer mentoring program at his high school. Within the program he and his peers went to a workshop designed to help students identify negative peer influence and anti-bullying strategies. In addition to these strategies learned the students were also asked to identify adults in their lives whom they could confide in when there was a problem and essentially felt, “had their back.” While in the workshop, students were given a personal project to complete. The project asked each student to recognize trusted adults in their lives. The worksheet was designed to show a circle of trusted adults, with one giant circle in the middle distinguishing the adult who held the most value and trust in their life. Miller listed two uncles and his older cousin has his circle of trusted adults. In the large, center circle, he wrote, “Coach Ronny, my mentor and role model.”
As a mother, there is no greater value than knowing your children are loved and cared for. The confidence that Ronny has instilled in ME as a parent is priceless, knowing that my son has someone like him to call upon in good times and in bad. Ronny’s constant presence in Miller’s life has implanted a deep trust and confidence in who he is learning to be as a young man. There are no words that can truly capture the love, respect, and gratitude that we have for our dear friend and mentor, Ronny Camacho.

Aimee Sturges