Welcome to my site where “Changing Lives” is what it’s all about. Feel free to email me with any other questions you might have. Now let me tell you a little bit about myself.

For me, and for those I get the opportunity to train, fitness is life changing. Fitness is discovering your greatest potentials, setting goals and replacing them with seemingly insurmountable ones.

Fitness has been a constant factor in my life starting with soccer and martial arts as a child and football, baseball, basketball and boxing as I became older.

As an adult, I explored the foundations of building the body to achieve peak athletic performance in athletics and Martial arts, which was my first love. Fitness education and my love for helping people began with coaching my son and passing on this knowledge to him. I now educate and train the foundations of transforming the body, such as nutrition, weight training, body mechanics and mental preparation to all individuals regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

With over 20 years of private training I have seen all the latest and greatest fads come and go. I specialize in one on one training because it allows me to really understand the individual’s needs, wants and goals. I have always believed in the concept that everything starts with the mind and then transfers to the body. This is my training philosophy which I believe in and implement daily not just with my clients but with myself and my family.

I have also been very successful with mentoring and coaching athletes of all ages. I can truly say the best part is seeing how my young athletes develop not just physically but also develop into strong minded individuals on and off the field. The gratitude and appreciation I get from the unconditional love and respect given to me is priceless. Winning is fun don’t get me wrong, but building lifelong relationships with my athletes and keeping in contact long after they leave me is why coaching has always been special to me.

My coaching experience included track at the Junior Olympics and High School level, football, strength and conditioning collegiate, high school and younger athletes of all sports whether its position specific or a team setting. In the recent years I have also been involved in coaching gymnastics. I have coached numerous State and Regional Champions, State Team Champions, Southern California All-Stars and was named 2013 Gymnastics Coach of the Year.

Most people dream of having a career doing something they love and I have been fortunate enough to say that dream has come true for me. People are my passion and I am able to touch people’s lives through fitness, motivation, and mentoring people of all ages.

Along with the multitude of different sports, one of my most important and rewarding roles has been as Life Coach. Fitness is as much mental as it is physical and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of motivating people to build up their confidence by eliminating self-doubt. I take pride in being accessible to my clients for whatever their needs may be, especially staying on the right path during the tough times in and out of the gym. I believe that education on proper exercise techniques and healthy lifestyles accompanied by positive support is a winning combination. Helping YOU achieve your goals by being there throughout their journey is what drives me.

My goal is to help you build the person you always wanted to be, inside and out. The truth is, your only limitation is yourself. We can work together to do the unbelievable as long as you believe it, we CAN achieve it.

Definition of a ryd·r


An individual that is down for whatever, this person is fearless. This person will stand for anything they believe in (eg. family, career, friends, money, success, education, petitions, changes, loved ones, making situations better, etc)

A RYDR would go great length to achieve their goals, missions or objective and will not stop for anything until it’s accomplished. A RYDR will do these accomplishments even if it cost them great sacrifices. But their success will be their reward.



Changing lives, One person at a time.

If you Believe it, you can Achieve it!.

To provide a honest approach in becoming the best person you can be

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