Why Hire a Personal Trainer

Health professionals recommend spending at least 3 to 5 days a week working out for 30-45 minutes. The actual physical workout is not the hindrance for people who actually want to get fit, it’s the motivation to sustain the desire. If you’re ready to strive for optimum levels of fitness, hiring a personal trainer will help you reach your goals efficiently and safely while holding you to your commitment on a personal and financial level.

Getting the assistance of personal trainers to assist you proves to be very helpful. Here are some of the reasons why:

– Accountability: Many people make a New Year’s resolution to hit the gym no fewer than 5 times a week. Statistics show that this resolution falls by the wayside as early as the first week in February! Hiring a personal trainer will hold you to your commitment, as you can’t choose at the last minute to skip the gym – especially when your trainer is waiting for you.

– Financial Accountability: Along the same lines, hiring a personal trainer will keep you financially accountable. You’re far less likely to skip a training session if you’re paying your trainer to be there!

– Safe, Effective Training: Going to the gym yourself is a good step towards attaining fitness, however, if one was out of shape before they began frequenting the gym, it’s easy to get burned out too quickly because they attempted to do too much too soon. Personal trainers can create a realistic progress chart, instructing you through every step.

– Nutritional Advice: All personal trainers are required to have a bit of knowledge in the world of nutrition. While they’re not certified nutritionists, they can recommend the safest diet necessary to slim down while still building lean muscle.

– Receive Outside Criticism or Praise: Most people function better if they have someone by their side, offering praise for their achievements. Personal trainers provide just that: they watch your growth, and when you reach the first milestone, they’ll commend you for it. Similarly, personal trainers also give constructive criticism that can help motivate you to tackle an obstacle. Depending on your preference, there are personal trainers that adopt the no-nonsense, drill sergeant approach, which is helpful for some as it eliminates the “friendship” element of a typical trainer. Working out is strictly business, no time for chit-chat about your dog’s recent trip to the vet.

– Goals are achieved: Under the encouraging, watchful eye of a trainer, fitness goals are more likely to be achieved. Most individuals strive for a goal that requires months of training before it can be realized. Fitness trainers create a series of smaller goals, keeping you aware of the progress you’re making. For example: Your goal may be to run the half-marathon in a year, but your trainer’s first goal will be to prepare you to run the 5k in 6 weeks.

Personal trainers are “worth it” for numerous reasons. Their expertise will guide you towards your optimum level of fitness, while setting realistic goals in the process. Likewise, they will teach you how to make healthier decisions for the rest of your life.

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author: Ronny Camacho